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In October 2007, I traveled to Istanbul on business. I remember days gone by that I intended to go to Istanbul when I was traveling in Western Europe in 1985, however, I could not managed it, and I succeeded to come to Istanbul in this time at last. Now I am trying to explore Istanbul and Turkey day by day, and take notes for not foreget impressions, remarkable and necessary asptects for my futher activities in Istanbul and Turkey. This web site contains my notes and photography about Istanbul and Turkey. (October 2007)

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2008/08/01 updated some
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I landed at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport late afternoon when it was clear blue sky by OS821 from Vienna. After landing the aircraft was moving to the gate and I looked at out side through the window, An aircrafts of Turkish Airline parked at the gates which was receiving soft sunshine going on to twilight soon. Red color of the tail wings were quite impressive in this lighting condition with background of blue sky.


View from Eminonu to the Bosporus Strait, three ships had been embarked at the Karakoy International Ferry Terminal.

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